Weekly In-Home Meal Preparation

Step 1: Menu Planning

I will work with you to design a menu tailored to your specific tastes and if needed based on special dietary needs or health concerns so that you can enjoy your meals at home without worry.

Step 2: Shopping and Preparing

As part of your service I will create an ingredients list and utilize the grocery delivery service of choice to shop locally for each item saving you the time and energy of doing it yourself. I will then pick up the items on my way to your home.

Your meals will be prepared in your own kitchen and either stored or frozen as needed. You will get detailed heating instructions so that you can enjoy your meals today or in the future.

Step 3: Clean Up

Everyone’s favorite part of personal chef services is the clean up! Let someone else handle the chores for a while!

Weekly investment starts at $300. Client pays for all grocery costs. Standard service is 3 entrées and 3 sides to mix and match throughout the week.

**We specialize in postpartum and surgery recovery meals as well as navigating food allergies **

Weekly Menu Planning Service where we send you via email a suggested menu based on your dietary preferences with recipes, nutritional information, and organized grocery list.

Cooking Classes

Special Events

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